English majors may wonder what the job market offers them after graduation and what kinds of professions they might enter. Building upon the foundations they established in their English classes here at UMBC, our alumni have not only found employment but filled prestigious positions in a number of different sectors. To recognize the achievements of our growing body of alumni, the English Department has created a representative gallery of their accomplishments. To read the complete profile, click each picture.


Marissa Bullis, ‘18, Graduate Studies, University of Edinburgh
Breia Lassiter, ‘18, Dinsmore & Shohl Law Firm in Cincinnati, Ohio
Aditya Desai, ‘09, Program Officer for Literature at Maryland Humanities, PhD in English Studies at Old Dominion University
Sam Manas, ‘16, Reporter, Inside Mortgage Finance Publications
Kennedy Lamb, ’20, Kaiser Permanente, Mid-Atlantic Medical Group
Julia Arbutus, ’20, University of Maryland, Graduate Program, College of Journalism.
Alexandra Rittie, ‘19, U. S. Department of Justice
Holly Norman, ’18, Patapsco High School
Zachary Riggins, ’18, Graduate Studies, Texas Tech University
Rebecca Haddaway, ’18, Graduate Studies, Penn State University
Joseph Nash, ’17, PhD Program, University of Delaware
Jessica Batychenko, ’18, Graduate Studies University of Pittsburgh
Imani Spence, 16
Imani Spence, ’16, Radio producer, Marc Steiner Show, WEAA 88.9FM
Daria Kuznetsova, '16
Daria Kuznetsova, ’16, Multilingual Proofreader at BD Life Sciences
Laura Lefavor, '14
Laura Lefavor, ’14, Arts and Entertainment Editor, Baltimore Sun
Melissa Lomax, ’14, Youth Manager at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland
Comfort Udah, ‘13, Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto
Lauren Bucca, 13
Lauren Bucca, ’13, Editorial Assistant Princeton University Press
Rob Kempton, ‘12, Baltimore Museum of Art
Andrew Holter, '12
Andrew Holter, ’12, Americorps
Ariane Szu-Tu, '10
Ariane Szu-Tu, ’10, Editor, National Geographic Kids’ Books
Saira Khan, ’09, Director of Social Media, the New Yorker
Alexander Pyles, '09
Alexander Pyles, ’09, NFL Editor, Baltimore Sun
Matthew Poland, ’08, Lecturer, University of Washington
Debbie-Ann Sunga, '08
Debbie-Ann Sunga, ’08, Chief Speechwriter, NADA
Iva Patel, ’07, Assistant Professor of Religion, Augsburg University in Minneapolis
Amanda Rotschild, '07
Amanda Rotschild, ’07, Proprietor, Charmington’s in Baltimore
Asynith Palmer, '06
Asynith Palmer, ’06, Interdisciplinary Research/Writer, AMP Systems
Aaron Ralby, '05
Aaron Ralby, ’05, Founder, Linguisticator
Adam Trice, '04
Adam Trice, ’04, Fundraiser, Loyola Blakefield