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Building upon the foundations they established in their English classes here at UMBC, our alumni currently fill prestigious positions in a number of different sectors. To recognize the achievements of our growing body of alumni, the Department of English has chosen to select alumni each  to spotlight as we celebrate his/her accomplishments and the continued tradition of excellence to which he/she ascribes. Congratulations to each of our students; we are very proud of you and the invaluable work that you do in the world. To read the complete profile, click each picture.

Julia Arbutus, ’20
Zachary Riggins, ’18
Rebecca Haddaway, ’18
Jessica Batychenko ’18
Holly Norman, ’18
Joseph Nash, ’17
Daria Kuznetsova, '16
Daria Kuznetsova, ’16
Imani Spence, 16
Imani Spence, 16
Laura Lefavor, '14
Laura Lefavor, ’14
Melissa Lomax, ’14
Lauren Bucca, 13
Lauren Bucca, ’13
Andrew Holter, '12
Andrew Holter, ’12
Ariane Szu-Tu, '10
Ariane Szu-Tu, ’10
Saira Khan, ’09
Alexander Pyles, '09
Alexander Pyles, ’09
Matthew Poland, ’08
Debbie-Ann Sunga, '08
Debbie-Ann Sunga, ’08
Amanda Rotschild, '07
Amanda Rotschild, ’07
Asynith Palmer, '06
Asynith Palmer, ’06
Aaron Ralby, '05
Aaron Ralby, ’05
Adam Trice, '04
Adam Trice, ’04