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Maleda Belilgne, Assistant Professor

Maleda Belilgne

Email: mbelilgn@umbc.edu
Office: Fine Arts Building 539 (x53146)

Jessica Berman, Professor
and Director of the Dresher Center

Jessica Berman

Email: jberman@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 309 (x52054)

Ryan Bloom, Senior Lecturer

Ryan Bloom

Email: rbloom2@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 439 (X52849)

Earl Brooks, Assistant Professor

Email: earlb@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 407 (x52241)

Christopher Corbett, Professor of the Practice

Email: corbett@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 413 (x52165)

Lindsay DiCuirci, Assistant Professor
and Director of the Honors Program

Lindsay DiCuirci

Email: dicuirci@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 406 (x52585)

Brian Dunnigan, Lecturer

Brian Dunnigan

Email: bdunni@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 430 (x52824)

Raphael Falco, Professor
and Director of the MEMS Program

Email: falco@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 415 (x52919)

Jean Fernandez, Associate Professor
and Department Chair

Email: jfernand@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 410 (x52166)

Keegan Cook Finberg, Assistant Professor

Email: kfinberg@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 432

Carol Fitzpatrick, Senior Lecturer
and Director of Writing & Rhetoric

Email: cfitzpat@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 312 (x52050)

Andy Hines, Visiting Research Assistant Professor

Email: andy.hines@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 310

Drew Holladay, Assistant Professor
and Webmaster

Email: holladay@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 403 (x52055)

Mitzi Mabe, Instructor

Email: mabe@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 311 (x52368)

Elaine MacDougall, Lecturer
and Writing Center Director

Email: efick1@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 426 (x52816)

Jennifer Maher, Associate Professor
and Lit/CT Scheduler

Email: jmaher@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 401 (x52040)

Lucille McCarthy, Professor
and Director of the MA Program

Lucille McCarthy

Email: mccarthy@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 402 (x53923)

Kathryn McKinley, Professor

Email: kmckinle@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 408 (x52006)

Anthony McGurrin, Instructor


Email: mcgurrin@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 431 (x53284)

Tanya Olson, Senior Lecturer
and Bartleby Advisor

Tanya Olson

Email: olsont@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 404 (x52685)

Michele Osherow, Associate Professor

Michele Osherow

Email: mosherow@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 302 (x58639)

Nicole Pekarske, Lecturer

chin in hand

Email: nicolep@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 313 (x52991)

Lia Purpura, Artist in Residence

Lia Purpura

Email: lpurpura@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 308 (x52295)

Deborah Rudacille, Professor of the Practice

Rudacille color (credit Mark Champion)

Email: rdeborah@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 305 (x52052)

Jody Shipka, Associate Professor
and Advising Coordinator


Email: shipka@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 301 (x52019)

Sally Shivnan, Senior Lecturer
and Associate Director of Writing & Rhetoric

Sally ShivnanEmail: shivnan@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 429 (x52712)

Orianne Smith, Associate Professor


Email: osmith@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 433 (x52138)

Sharon Tran, Assistant Professor

Email: stran@umbc.edu
Office: PAHB 420 (x52214)