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UMBC students who graduate from the Texts, Technologies, and Literature Masters of Art program can elect to complete a thesis or portfolio in fulfillment of their requirements for the degree. To read an abstract and additional information about their projects, click each picture.

Hailey Turney, ’21
Corbin Jones ’21
Jackie Scott, ’21
Emily Parks, ’21
Katlyn Moore, ’20
Shannon River Gaylor, ’20
Sugene Shin, ’19
Tina Whitehead, ’19
Julia DeiTos, ’19
Marcus Somerville, ’19
Jess Batychenko, ’18
Seol A Lee, ’18
Gian McCann, ’18
Holly Roumeliotis, ’18
James Harris, ’17
Joe Nash, ’17
Cullen Oliff, ’17
Trevor Ruben, ’17
Tori Rudacille, ’17
RJ Harvilicz, ’16
Philip Hiotis, ’16
Deborah Kadiri, ’16
Daria Kuznetsova, ’16
Janet Ludlow, ’16
Benjamin Hamilton, ’15
Dorothy Stachowiak, ’15