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UMBC is open. The physical campus is closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.
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The Writing Center, part of the Learning Resources Center’s (LRC) tutoring program, offers free peer tutoring to UMBC students for writing in all UMBC courses. Peer tutors can also assist with application essays, personal statements, and resumes, though we highly recommend that students first visit the Career Services Center for help with job-related materials. Students interested in becoming Writing Center tutors may submit materials to the Interim Writing Center Director, Elaine MacDougall, either by dropping them off at the Writing Center or by Emailing her at Interested candidates must include two letters of recommendation (from college professors—not high school teachers), a resume, and two writing samples, totaling at least ten pages of college-level writing. Students whose applications are approved will be given permission to take ENGL 395/321, a 4-credit course that teaches composition theory, writing center theory, and peer tutoring methods. While taking the course, students work as interns in the Writing Center. After successfully completing the course, students may be hired by the LRC as writing tutors. Students may also take additional tutor training through the LRC’s nationally recognized CRLA Tutor Certification Program. All LRC tutors must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above.