For more than twenty years, UMBC’s English Department has placed students in internships with a variety of employers in the Baltimore-Washington area. Our students have worked in in fields such as journalism, public relations, editing, marketing and social media, tech writing, law, website development, and more. We encourage all English majors and minors to complete an internship prior to graduation. Internships give students the opportunity to investigate career paths, to develop relationships with mentors, to network, and also serve as a bridge between the university and post-graduate employment.


Students may identify an internship opportunity on their own or by contacting Internship Coordinator Brian Dunnigan who will connect the student with employers seeking interns. We have long-term relationships with employers both on and off campus. Some internships are competitive and require a letter of application and a resume and an interview. Others rely on the recommendation of Dunnigan or other department faculty.

In addition, students are encouraged to visit the UMBC Career Center to gain access to the many internship opportunities posted in UMBCworks. The Career Center offers appointments for assistance with your internship or job search, resume/cover letter reviews, interview preparation, and career-decision making. The English Department works closely with Career Center staff to ensure that internships are productive and positive experiences for both the student and their employer.


The English department offers students the opportunity to earn internship credit, with faculty permission. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an English major or minor.
  • You must have a 3.0 GPA or above.
  • You must be a sophomore, junior or senior.
  • The internship must relate directly to English coursework.

How to Obtain Credit:

  1. Register for the Career Center’s Intern Success Practicum. This is a required component of earning internship credit through the English department. The Practicum is zero-credit, pass/fail, and free of cost. Details can be found here. If you have questions, please contact register for the Practicum, you may either make a Career Center appointment or submit your registration online:
    • Log into UMBCworks
    • Under the Shortcuts, click the second link (“Practicums”)
    • Click “Add New Experience” and submit all required fields. Please note that you should upload an offer letter/email from your employer to verify your internship.
  2. Once you are registered for the Practicum, the Career Center will submit a credit request on your behalf to the appropriate faculty member. When you are granted permission, you must register yourself for ENGL495 prior to the Registrar’s Office deadline for internship course registration.
  3. Once enrolled in ENGL495, students meet with the faculty member supervising their internship to discuss their goals for the internship. Career Center staff schedule a mid-term conference call with the intern and their employer to review the intern’s progress. At the end of the semester, interns submit a short reflection on the internship and a portfolio of work prior to a final meeting with their faculty supervisor. Employers submit a final evaluation, which is reviewed by Career Center staff and faculty supervisor to determine a final grade. Interns are encouraged to contact their faculty supervisor and/or Career Center staff at any point during the internship if problems arise in the workplace or the intern feels the need for support.
  4. To earn 3 credits, students must work 120 hours (online or in person) over the course of the semester. In special circumstances, students may work fewer hours and earn fewer credits.