The faculty in your program have crafted a curriculum designed to help you learn, grow, and prepare for the next stage in your career and education. Additionally, they have implemented a learning assessment plan designed to foster continuous improvement of your learning. The student learning outcomes appear below to give you a preview of what you will learn and how faculty will measure your learning. Check in with your advisor(s) with your questions, to review the curriculum map for the program, or to request more information.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the MA in English will be able to …

  1. Demonstrate advanced skills in critical thinking, reading, speaking, and writing, including the ability to analyze texts, to synthesize ideas, and to reflect on these activities.
  2. Generate theoretically informed interpretations of texts and questions for scholarly inquiry.
  3. Conduct and produce original research.
  4. Engage in professional activities, including producing a variety of academic and multimodal genres, including proposals, presentations, reports, and review essays.

Assessment Measures

Faculty will measure student learning in the core courses, English 601 and 607 to assess your learning in the beginning of the program. Additionally, faculty measure student learning in the capstones (portfolios, theses, defenses) and in the exit survey. To see the full, MA Assessment Plan, select the following link: MA Assessment Plan.