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Corbin Jones (MA '20) to Enter Cornell Doctoral Program

The English department is proud to announce that Corbin Jones, M.A. '20, has been admitted to Cornell University's doctoral program with full funding, beginning in fall 2021. Congratulations, Corbin!

Asked about his future plans, Jones responded: "With my research, I plan to continue the work of expanding the canon and drawing connections between European and non-European interactions, especially shared literary experiences and motifs. I believe it is important to the process of decolonizing studies of the period to look at the system of trade, travel and exchange and how that reflects concepts in literature. So I will continue my study of travel literature and precolonial contact zones."

Jones graduated from the TTL program in May 2020 after successfully defending his thesis, titled "Narrating the 'Self' in 14th-Century Travel Writings: John Mandeville and ibn Battuta." Jones completed his thesis under the direction of Professor Kathryn McKinley.

Posted: February 24, 2021, 5:15 PM