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Braly Award Winners!

Stuart Holton and Kainoa Sittman

Stuart Holton, winner of the 2023 Malcolm Braly Award for Fiction for "Shrimp Time":

Stuart Holton (he/they) is a junior political science major with an extended minor in creative writing. He attempts to optimize ridiculousness in his fiction. In between writing, he enjoys cooking and will be attempting fermentation soon. The last time he brewed kombucha, though, it molded big time. 

Kainoa Sittman, winner of the 2023 Malcolm Braly Award for Poetry for "sprout": 

Kainoa Sittman (he/him) is an Afro-Filipino-American creative and storyteller with roots in the DC Metropolitan Area and Hawaiʻi. His writing explores the connections between nature and the human condition, identity, mental health and memory. He is pursuing a BA in Asian Studies and is also an actor, dancer, traveler and polyglot. Read his work here.

Congratulations, Stuart and Kainoa!

Posted: April 4, 2023, 4:42 AM