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Seven UMBC Writing Tutors Presenting at Regional Conference

Writing Center Director Elaine MacDougall Also Presenting

March 7, 2020 3:27 PM
Seven UMBC writing tutors will be presenting at the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference, held this weekend at Towson University. Elaine MacDougall, director of the UMBC Writing Center, will also be participating in multiple events, including a workshop on trauma-informed writing workshops. Congratulations to everyone representing UMBC at MAWCA 2020!

For more information about the conference, see the MAWCA website.

Full list of panels with UMBC participants:

A6. Panel, LA 4310. Partnering for student success: Centering student agency in the writing and research process. Erin Durham, Elaine MacDougall, Allison Jennings-Roche, Beck Hertl, Emma Jett, and Kyndall Hardwick; University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The library and writing center staff have developed a strong collaborative relationship to center student agency in the research and writing process at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

C1. Roundtable, LA 4201. What Do “Diversity” and “Social Justice” Mean to Writing Center Practitioners? Violeta Brito, Uchendu Uchendu, Fleurine Amouzou Guiffo; University of Maryland, Baltimore County. This roundtable will engage participants to think critically about diversity and social justice in writing centers. We will analyze the past, present, and future pedagogies of writing centers in the context of social justice.

C12. Workshop, LA 4214. Creating Trauma-Informed Writing Workshops: Reflection and Intervention in the Narratives of Our Lives. Elaine MacDougall, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Trauma-Informed writing workshops allow space for reflection and intervention in our own thought processes. Writers can reflect on their own sense of a “dominant cultural narrative” and work to transform that narrative if necessary, giving voice to silence when imposed on individuals in our communities, including writing center spaces.

D5. Data Dash, LA 4204. Developing more effective tutoring strategies for multilingual writers in the Writing Center. Ajay Kharkar, Jamie Denton; University of Maryland, Baltimore County. This  Data Dash presentation features the early findings of research on strategies to increase comfort for multilingual writers in our Writing Center.

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