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600 Level Courses

  • ENGL 601: Methods of Interpretation (Core Course)

This course offers an advanced study of contemporary literary theory as well as its methods and practices. It also offers an investigation of its value for research in the discipline and for the practice of literary criticism.

  • ENGL 604: Advanced Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Literature (Category C Graduate)
  • ENGL 631: Contemporary Issues: Texts and Contexts (Category A Graduate)
    • Topic: Seminar in Visual Literacy
  • ENGL 648: Seminar in Literature and Culture (Category B Graduate)
  • ENGL 669: Advanced Topics in Literature, Race, and Ethnicity (Category B Graduate)
    • Topic: Afrofuturism

From slave narratives to science fiction, black literature contests the boundaries of the real. Otherworldly visions, tales from the underground, sounds from the future, and alien bodies recur in black writing, music, visual art, and performance. What is it about the black experience that solicits the fantastic? This course examines the futurist, speculative, and fantastic in the Black Arts. We will draw from a range of fiction, theory, visual art, and music to explore Afrofuturism as aesthetic, cultural movement, subjectivity, and literary genre. Possible authors include Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, George Schuyler, Chester Himes, and Samuel Delany.

  • ENGL 686: Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice (Category A Graduate)

This course examines our changing understanding of the teaching of composition during the past thirty years by tracing key theories and pedagogies across this period. These sometimes-conflicting approaches to teaching writing include the following orientations: cognitive, expressivist, social constructionist and political. The course is intended for current and prospective teachers of English at elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

700 Level Courses

  • ENGL 700: Independent Study

This course provides the student with the opportunity to study independently any aspect of texts, technologies, and literature not covered by regular course offerings. (Repeatable up to 9 credits.) Counts for A, B, or C depending on the topic.

  • ENGL 798: Portfolio Independent Study

In this independent study course, the Masters’ Portfolio is created under the directed of a graduate faculty member. Three credit hours are required for the Masters’ degree with portfolio.

  • ENGL 799: Master’s Thesis Research

Master’s thesis research is conducted under the direction of a faculty member. Six credit hours are required for the Master’s degree with thesis.

Please also check other graduate offerings in MLLI, GWST, AMST, and LLC for courses relevant to your interests.